Joe Grabill-Green Kingdom ComeBuy now!

Rev. Susan M. Ryder
Co-Pastor, New Covenant Community

Dr. Grabill offers us a unique and inspirational “green” Jesus who cared deeply for all of creation. His partnership with Mary Magdalene and other women showed he was a “feminist.”

David Eaton, PhD
Founder of a retreat center, Agape Dome

Dr. Grabill takes the reader on a fabulous journey—one that weaves his evangelical background with his teaching world religions. He constructs imaginative conversations with Jesus and with characters in biblical stories!

William Luther White, PhD
Former Chaplain at Illinois Wesleyan University

Fascinating! The author’s treks through the native landscape of Jesus produce vivid insights. Shows wide reading and features stimulating ideas.

Mercy Davison
Urban Planner and former Chair of the Green Team, Town of Normal

This trend-setting book will hopefully provoke extensive discussion about the pressing need to partner with the living earth community once walked within by Jesus himself.

Vaughn Hoffmann
Senior Pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church

Great fun! Has light, humorous touch with serious intent. I enjoyed looking at the Aramaic meaning of the words of Jesus. Good job of linking biblical tradition with imaginative reconstruction for our day.

Wayne Benenson, PhD
Argosy University, Seattle, WA

Stunning! I thought I knew the Jesus story. Here’s a take that’s fresh and thought provoking. It’s a rollicking page turner.

Deborah Gentry, EdD
Certified Family Life Educator

This book is a powerful benefit to parents and grandparents who want to teach peacemaking and sustainable principles and practices to their children and grandchildren.

Rev. Alice Anderson
Senior Minister, Christ Church Unity, Orlando, FL

A refreshing look at Jesus! And, a compelling call to action to support the sustainability of our planet!

Neil Douglas-Klotz, PhD
Author of Blessings of the Cosmos

Signals a sea-change—from theology to eco-theology. This book is a wise, seasoned presentation on the meaning of Jesus for the coming ecological age. Leads us beyond “what would Jesus drive?” to ponder how Jesus would confront climate change.

Ed Dodge, MD
Author of Dan’s Story

Professor Grabill’s book is provocative and definitely worth reading. It challenges you to see Jesus and Mother Earth in completely new ways.