Galilee in the Time of Jesus
Preface: Before the Beginning
On Earth: An Introduction
Tea for Three: A Conversation
An interview with Jesus and Mary Magdalene

PART ONE: One Community

  1. Dead and Reborn—Would Jesus drive a Hummer?
  2. Here Now—Would Jesus forecast an ecological disaster?
  3. Inside Water, Out—Would Jesus honor a chimpanzee baby?
  4. Downside Up—Would Jesus laugh 400 times a day?
  5. Dropping Rain—Would Jesus picket against warfare?
  6. PART TWO: Wild Community

  7. Soiled Goods—Would Jesus grow vegetables in the front yard?
  8. Mustard and Dandelion—Would Jesus pray weeds?
  9. Animal Teachers—Would Jesus organize ecological potlucks?
  10. PART THREE: Kind Community

  11. Washed Toes—Would Jesus massage people with AIDS?
  12. Sane Asylums—Would Jesus have a low carbon footprint?
  13. Bare and Broke Folks—Would Jesus shop till he drops?

Postscript: After the Ending


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