• Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

In Aramaic-speaking Galilee, people did not ask Jesus if Allaha (translated God) existed. Allaha means The One, a reality as apparent to Galileeans as the singular energy of a horse between the thighs of a rider.

Today, like the Galileeans, we don’t ask if The One Energy Field, which we’ve labeled the Universe (the One Verse) exists. The One Verse, with black holes, planets, and chemicals in the Periodic Table, is apparent. Yes, of course, The One Energy Field exists.

Then, why have we become skeptics and agnostics about God existing? Because we have let religion define The One in anthropocentric images that seem nonscientific.

The book, Everything is God, by an extraordinary young scholar, Jay Michaelson, has shown me a dynamic interchange among various non-dual ideas. We can summarize reality, Michaelson argues, by this formula: 2=1=0. Diversity (2) exists within a single energy system (1) which exists within energy, like black energy, which cannot be measured (0).

Author Jay Michaelson

God/It/Being/Nothingness/Yahweh/Consciousness—the labels are endless— includes all the oscillations among 2 and 1 and 0.

James Broughton addresses the question, Does It exist?

This is It

And I am It

And You are It

And So is That

And He is It

And She is It

And It is It

And That is That.

Image of Universe based on heat left over from the Big Bang.

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