• Tuesday, July 06th, 2010

At age 78 I’ve decided to prepare a family history, which means, organizing the records of several generations.

What to my wandering eyes should appear but the Zen tree art of a genius, my mother, Arveda Wulliman, at age 13.

She hid this treasure all her life.

If I had traveled the world hunting for the essence of Chinese and Japanese art, I would not expect to stumble over it in a secret gallery, a 6th grade art book, in my house.

But here it is.

Mother in 1909 has a terminally ill father who will be dead in 4 years, and who lies daily in the traffic center of the house on his death bed.  A living corpse.
Her home is a farm with fruit trees at the edge of a small Mennonite town, Berne, in rural Indiana. Her birth language is Swiss-German, and her identity comes from her clan of Lehman and Wulliman grandparents, aunts and uncles, and dozens of cousins.


Mother senses the core spirit of the Green Revolution a century ahead of time.

Above Paintings By Arveda Wulliman – age 13

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