• Tuesday, June 01st, 2010

The Earth crisis is worse, even though the Gulf crisis is horrendous.

One estimate says the Gulf spill will eventually surpass 100,000,000 gallons.

That’s 10 times more than the Valdez spill.

What does a 100,000,000 gallon sick, slick mess look like?

image source Oil Slick

It’s like slashing a tube of crude over 2,000 miles long and 12 inches in diameter in the middle of traffic on Interstate 80 from San Francisco to New York, or slashing a similar tube on all the shores completely around Lake Michigan.

One author calls the Gulf catastrophe the “21st Century Black Death,” potentially making lifeless graveyards within the Gulf, its beaches and estuaries, Everglades, Gulf Stream, and Atlantic shore fisheries.

The world crisis, the cause of the Gulf crisis, is marked by—

•    Our obsessive, compulsive addiction to oil (we need an “Oiloholic” Anonymous movement)

•    The trillions of CO2 spills into the air by using dirty energy

•    An increasing absorption of CO2 and resulting acidity in the oceans, which by 2050 would kill the coral reefs and the entire ecosystem of shellfish (Shopping Blog quotes a recent scientific report that says 85% of shellfish life has already disappeared)

•    The blindness of governments and humans to dumping filthy garbage everywhere within our Earth house and our refusal to build sustainability)

image source Coral Reef

What to do?

A Global Work Party, 10/10/10, seeks to reverse the destruction by demonstrations that seek action to limiting CO2 in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million

image source 350 Demo In Singapore

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