• Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

I am walking with my eyes and mind this week among our best friends on Earth via a spectacular surrogate, the book by Tony Rodd and Jennifer Stackhouse, Trees: A Visual Guide.  University of California Press: 2008.

Trees have every reason to act superior to us, but don’t.

They give us oxygen, absorb our carbon dioxide, and protect air and soil.

The oldest tree (Bristlecone Pine) is 50 times older than any of us.

The largest tree (Sequoia) weighs 6000 tons, equal to the weight of 60,000 of us and 30 times the weight of the second largest organism on Earth (Whale: 200 tons), and takes up 54,000 cubic feet, equivalent to 9,000 houses with an average of 6000 cubic feet.

The tallest tree (Redwood) is over 60 times taller than we are.

There are 400 billion trees on Earth, more than 60 times our numbers.

Trees, with over 100,000 species, give us countless gifts of food, fuel, and spiritual sanctuary.

Here is a view of some of them – Australian Fern, Banyan, Cedar of Lebanon, Coconut Palm, Quiver, Saguaro, and Umbrella Acacia

Australian Fern


Cedar Of  Lebanon

Coconut Palm



Umbrella Acacia

From Trees: A Visual Guide.

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