• Tuesday, June 08th, 2010

Amazing life and light interact within and outside the “un-museum” of the California Academy of Sciences within Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  The building, using a variety of recycled materials, forms the greenest museum on Earth.

My recent visit left me feeling embedded within the spectacular creativity of our Earth home.  The planetarium show, using real NASA images, was so total immersion that I felt I was present shortly after the Big Bang and at the origin of our solar system.  The aquarium and tropical rain forest pulsated with diversity.

Jellyfish Photograph by Joe Grabill

Miles of aquarium pipes run through the building like veins and arteries.  Cables like spider webs sustain the roof of the open-vista piazza.

Piazza Photograph by Joe Grabill

From the air the building blends into the surrounding park, with a living roof composed of 1.7 million native California plants that absorb 98 percent of rainfall, with three “hills” that provide natural ventilation, and with 60 thousand solar cells.

Roof Photograph by Joe Grabill

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