• Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Those standing first in society, Jesus said, will be squashed dead last.  Learn from snakes on their bellies, not priests up on their altars.  Wild mustard weed seeds, not 1,000 year old cedar trees, point to heaven.  In a two-garment society, if someone takes your robe, let them take your underwear.  Children nobodies, not scholars, are the greatest.  Jesus laughs.

We adults would do well to be like children who laugh on average 400 times a day.  You Tube child Ethan laughs every time paper is torn.

Our dog, Lavani, happy howls.   Earth laughs with flowers.   Ocean laughs with surf spray.  Buddha, in his stock sculptured look, laughs himself into Nirvana.

Don’t get mad, get funny.  On how to make laughter a contagious health epidemic, see pp. 146-147 in my book, Green Kingdom Come! May the farce be with you.

Jesus laughing drawing by Joe Grabill

Our Lavani by Joe Grabill

Monterrey by Joe Grabill

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