• Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Last Saturday I led a ceremony in which intergenerational teams planted 7 bur oaks and a variety of 16 other trees.  We planted bur oak saplings in Bur Oak Grove next to 12 mature bur oaks, including one over 6 feet in diameter and older than the US.

A pre-teen, Dani Lamb ( below), declared Saturday’s ceremony “Awesome!”

Bur oaks, the longest lived and largest beings in central Illinois with the biggest acorns and leaves of oak species, are the answer to many issues, including climate change.  They absorb the most CO2, produce the most oxygen, and save more on heating costs than any of our local trees.   Bur oak branches “shoot off” in every direction like a rocket and create a beautiful globe shape.

Bur Oak Grove is part of an urban forestation program called Children & Elders Forest, which in the last 5 years has planted 500 trees in 8 groves. C & E Forest, in long-term benefits to the community, has made a contribution worth $375,000.

Bur Oak Grove site, which is between Kickapoo Creek in the foreground and the preexisting Bur Oaks in the background

Images of bur oak shapes, bark, acorn, and leaves.

Society of American Foresters.  Trees are the answer.

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